Heavy Duty Performance - Our Inspiration

Heavy-Duty Performer is someone who wins every fight with strength and grit, who knocks out his opponents with incredible performance every time, lasts long with proven durability and withstands the stresses of the demanding usage. This Heavy-Duty ability is a source of inspiration for us. That’s why we have designed a truly innovation cement which embodies heavy duty in each and every particle.

At JK Organisation, it is our relentless pursuit to focus on minor details that go beyond building your dreams. We always strive to bring you products that adhere to global standards, conform to your needs and deliver beyond your expectations.

Our latest offering, Platinum Heavy Duty Cement is nothing but our steadfast obsession towards backward quality control. Right from paying attention towards the limestone quality to enforcing world class quality control measures in production processes, we have taken extreme care to bring you the best. Blending in with utmost perfection, precision and satisfaction, Udaipur Cement Works Limited is proud to present the new indigenous, PLATINUM HEAVY DUTY CEMENT.

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement with high reactive fly-ash, resists sulphates and chloride attacks. Thus, protects the re-inforced bars from the menace of rust. The result being, your house remains fresh as ever and durable for years. Main benefits of the cement are:

PSD Technology • More volume per bag • Speedy construction • Dense concrete • High early strength • Better workability • Superior finishing • Long-term durable structure
Rust Protection:
Resistance to sulphates and chlorides protects the steel bars, enhancing the durability and strength of the structure.

Superior Particles:

Super Fine Particles lead to more volume per kg of cement with superior finish.
Long Term Strength and Greater Durability:
Higher compressive strength, more impermeable as well as dense concrete made from this cement, contributes to greater durability of construction.
Superior Workability:
Its superior spherical particles makes concrete/mortar very easy to transport and place at the job site.
Superior Bonding :
Due to the unique chemical composition and fine particles, it gives superior bonding on brick, concrete and stone masonry

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Platinum Heavy Duty Cement Brochure- English
Platinum Heavy Duty Cement Leaflet – Hindi
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