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    Platinum Heavy Duty Cement

    Heavy Duty Performer is someone who wins every fight with strength and grit, who knocks out his opponents with incredible performance every time, lasts long with proven durability and withstands the stresses of the demanding usage. Inspiring us, these Heavy Duty abilities have led us to come up with an innovative product – Platinum Heavy Duty Cement. A cement that embodies strength in its every particle.

    Platinum Supremo Cement

    UCWL, as a responsible and caring company take care of the pain points of workforce like masons, labours and contractors. Before designing the recipe of cement, it is important to ascertain the size of pores and how they are distributed in concrete. The size of these pores ranges from 1 nanometre to about 10 millimetre. So, having a very compact micro-structure is very important to reduce the rate of ingress of these deleterious elements such as chloride, moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphate through the cover concrete.
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